Best Fixed Blade Knives Review

Fixed blade knives come in different types and are suited to certain tasks and functions. They are different from ordinary kitchen knives which are not so hardy. Fixed blade knives are very durable and handy to use for several purposes. Hence, we have fixed blade knives used as hunting knives, throwing knives, boot knives, fighting knives, machetes and so on. Choosing a fixed blade knife might seem quite confusing at first. Thus you want to ensure that you buy the best quality fixed blade knife, and we have hereby compiled a list of four best-fixed blade knives for you to make your best choices from.

4 Best Fixed Blade Knives Review

Man Crates Knife Making Kit

If you’re considering a great choice for a fixed blade knife, the Man Crates Knife is one to look out for. Its utility value and how it is easily self-assembled makes it quite a catch. It is also comfortable to handle and would be assembled to suit the user’s hands. The making kit is fully packaged with every bit necessary, as well as the instructions needed for crafting the knife by yourself.

This isn’t just a useful tool but also an interesting item most men would find it a delight to own. In fact, customers find it really satisfying to use as a gift for adventurous young people. It comes in a box which contains a Shawnee skinner blade (440c stainless steel), maple handle scale set, brass bolster set, leather pouch set, mosaic pins, man crates knifemaking guide (which is essential in crafting the pieces of the knife), 2-ton syringe epoxy, rasp and file set, graded sandpaper set (for maintaining and sharpening the knife), bench vise, and wood finish.


  • Perfectly suited for garage work and other exciting outdoor activities.
  • Self-crafted and self-maintained, hence cost-effective.


  • Potentially very harmful if carelessly handled.
  • Difficulty in recognizing and assembling the parts for a novice.

MOSSY OAK 2-pieces Bowie Knife Fixed Blade Hunting Knives with leather handle

This is another good choice for a fixed blade knife. Users have a mostly commended this item and given thumbs up to its functionality and good quality. Outdoor activities such as hunting and cutting have been made easier with this fixed blade knife in your hand. In fact, it comes with a sheath that protects the carrier from accidents or injury while carrying. Not only this, it feels safe and comfortable to handle. Buying this product we guaranteed to provide really efficient manual usage.


  • Well-refined steel for the blade.
  • Secure leather handle/sheath.
  • Straight and easily maneuverable blade, even for amateurs.


  • Might require sharpening often.
  • Possibility of a knife getting stuck in sheath during emergencies.

Gerber LST Ultralight Knife

The Gerber LST Ultralight Knife is a great product you can trust when you want a nimble and sturdy fixed blade knife. It is a highly rated and much-preferred choice because it has a strong handle made fully from synthetic materials. This little knife has been sold and in use for many years and is still a fine choice for everyday tasks. It is also superb in that it is really lightweight yet can handle a lot of pressure as well as small cutting jobs. Whenever you say Gerber knives, you can be assured of value for your money, because it was designed by Pete Gerber, who was a renowned and knowledgeable knife creator. It is noted for having a 420HC, high carbon stainless steel blade which is very sharp and durable. The full length is 4.62”, and when closed it is 2.65”


  • It is an all-purpose knife, two-inch, handy knife that is both efficient and handy.
  • Water-resistant casing, hence safe from rust or corrosion.


  • Very small and lightweight item, and can, therefore, be forgotten in the pocket; thus potentially injurious.
  • Small and easily damaged. It might not last so long in use.


CRKT Shrill Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

This is the Colombian River Knife and Tool, which is equally a smart choice for a fixed blade knife. It is a smart innovation from expert knife producers who have been involved in knife making for decades. Hence, customers are assured of a high quality, a refined knife that even comes with a protective sheath. This is rated as a superb, tactical boot knife that is double-edged, and also very perfect to keep hidden. The resin-infused fiber handle is tough as well as stylish. Thus, you can flaunt this knife amongst friends or other knife lovers who know what a good knife looks like. Nevertheless, this is not a fancy knife at all. The CRKT Shrill Fixed blade knife is known to serve as a defense tool. With a blade length of 3.969” and a full length of 9.438”, the stainless steel blade material is easy to sharpen and clear


  • Double-edged knife, hence a great choice for tactical defense.
  • Perfect for a firm grip. Durable resin handle.
  • This knife is regarded as the right knife size that is both handy and sturdy in your grip.


  • Dangerous edges. The user needs to be extra careful in handling or keeping it.
  • A curious observer might mistakenly get cut from either sides.
  • Fragile sheath material. As a result of a very sharp tip, this knife can easily cut through the sheath. They quality of the sheath material is not quite fit for such a sharp fixed blade knife.

Finally, this list of fixed blade knives has been carefully considered amongst others making them suitable choices for several needs. Your fixed blade knife should be able to achieve tasks and also look good in your hands. That is, a fixed blade knife is no toy. Although perfect is for a gift to your male family or friends, you must be aware that it is a quality tool designed to cut through things. It would be smart to observe the maker’s quality and also utilize the tool appropriately. You can, therefore, pick and enjoy using the best-fixed blade knife available for sale.